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Ethics and Integrity in AMELAF

In recent times, mention has been made of the rejection of corruption in all spheres, both public and private. AMELAF agrees fully with this position.

Companies and institutions must invest in attaining a culture of integrity that will prevent any noncomplying practice. In parallel form, they must implement mechanisms of transparency and the rendering of accounts in the handling of resources.

In this sense, social and economic participants must prepare for the implementation of a policy of integrity, with the support of upper management, in order to articulate all anti-corruption controls and attain a setting of transparency, rendering of accounts, and integrity. They must develop and implement codes of ethics and conduct to guide their actions and aid in preventing inappropriate conduct that can generate conflicts and damage their organizational climate.

Companies and institutions must implement measures of ongoing improvement to combat potential acts of corruption and ensure that activities are carried out according to principles of ethics, integrity, transparency, and trustworthiness.